Wills, Trusts and Probate


This is an area which is growing rapidly. Philip is currently instructed in several Will, Trust and Probate matters. Nearly all of the disputes involve allegations of fraud and the dissipation of assets.


O v O [2019] was a recently settled matter involving a claim involving Welsh Farmers. Philip represented the Second Defendant after it was advised tactically it would be better for the two Defendants to have separate representation. The matter settled before going to trial. Philip managed to obtain an Order whereby the Second Defendant succeeded in persuading the Claimant the case was hopeless and agreeing the costs to be paid. The First Defendant did not get expenses.

S v S, R and F [2020]

Ongoing dispute where both sides are making serious allegations of fraud, involving claims of fraudulent documents being created in Pakistan and a foreign Trustee who has never been met. Philip represented the Defendants and succeeded in defending a Freezing Injunction at the High Court’s first appearance.

Mackness v Mackness [2019]

A matter being heard in Central London County Court with Neil Mercer. Issues of heavily contested expert evidence, capacity and undue influence over a previous property transfer are the matters being litigated.

Sultan v Sultan & Ors [2020].

Philip is lead counsel for the four Defendants. The matter is due to be heard in the High Court in 2021 where serious allegations of fraud are to be raised.

Clients often find themselves in difficult situations, which may need fighting or diffusing in or out of court. Either option is available, and both are supported by guidance concerning the law and tactical advice to obtain the best possible outcome.