Philip is a member of the Property Bar Association. His practice encompasses most aspects of property. He has appeared in the Lands Tribunal, as well as civil aspects within the Magistrates Court, High Court and Court of Appeal.

Many of Philip’s cases arise in the County Court and Lands Tribunal relating to boundary disputes and party wall matters. He has experience dealing with easements, footpaths and rights of way. Many of his clients settle at Mediation.

Some of the cases Philip has been instructed on:

T v R & A: (Hastings County Court) 2019 ongoing matter whereby there are issues relating to drainage and boundaries. Two separate experts. Set down for a five-day trial. At the end of 2020.

P v W: Boundary Dispute leading to allegations to regulators about dust, ground pollution and contamination. Use of an expert and threatened an injunction. Ongoing.


Reported cases

Fattahi v Charles Grosvenor [2019] EWHC 3497 (QB)

Leading Authority on the relevance of a Party Wall Notice. Pending determination in the Court of Appeal.

R (on the Application) of Derbyshire County Council v High Peak Magistrates Court & Kate Marlow [2013] EWHC 1762 (Admin)

Philip was sole counsel on a civil-public law matter within the Magistrates Court against Paul Stinchcombe QC. Philip acted on a CFA for the original Applicant (who was Simon Cowell’s appearance coach). Acting with such a fee agreement was novel within the Magistrates’ Court. 

An application against the local authority was successful, and the District Judge’s Judgment was damning in relation to the repair of a footpath, the local authorities’ procrastination and insincerity. The matter was subject to a Judicial Review, which was successfully defended in the High Court, with yet another damning assessment of the Local Authority. The costs of the proceedings in the Magistrates’ court exceeded six figures alone.

Clients often find themselves in difficult situations, which may need fighting or diffusing in or out of court. Either option is available, and both are supported by guidance concerning the law and tactical advice to obtain the best possible outcome.