Philip has a rapidly expanding Defamation, Libel and Breach of Privacy practice. His clients include media personalities, politicians, international businesses and private individuals. Not all matters can be publicised, as many are of a confidential nature.

He is currently instructed by Alex Reid against Katie Price in an ongoing dispute following a successful claim for damages. He was also instructed by Nick Ramsay AM in his ongoing dispute with the Conservative Party. Many of his clients are foreign, and his practice is not just within defamation and privacy, but in commercial as well.


Reported cases

Alex Reid v Katie Price [2020] EWHC 594 (QB)

The claimant was a former cage fighter, and he and the defendant celebrity were married. During their relationship, the defendant obtained video recordings and photographs of the claimant engaged in sexual activity and dressed as his cross-dressing alter-ego.

In 2011, Katie Price provided undertakings that she would not publish or disclose the footage or photographs, or any description of the claimant’s sexual acts recorded on the footage. The claimant alleged that from 2012 to 2018, the defendant breached her undertakings, disclosing the footage and photographs to at least 50 people. Judgment was entered for the claimant on liability. The claimant stated that due to the defendant’s disclosures, he had been denigrated as a sexual deviant and predator, and had needed counselling for stress and anxiety.

Katie Price ordered to pay ex Alex Reid £25,000 after she leaked sex video used to blackmail him | Daily Mail Online

Alex Reid pictured outside court as he awaits Katie Price damages | Metro News

Sooben v Badal [2017] EWHC 2638 (QB)

The High Court granted a solicitor £70,000 damages in a judgment against a newspaper for a defamatory allegation in an interview that the claimant attempted to get the interviewee to commit perjury. This was against a newspaper aimed at the Mauritian community in England and Wales for a defamatory allegation.

Clients often find themselves in difficult situations, which may need fighting or diffusing in or out of court. Either option is available, and both are supported by guidance concerning the law and tactical advice to obtain the best possible outcome.