R (on the Application) of Derbyshire County Council v High Peak Magistrates Court & Kate Marlow [2013] EWHC 1762 (Admin)

Philip was sole counsel on a civil-public law matter within the Magistrates Court against Paul Stinchcombe QC. Philip acted on a CFA for the original Applicant (who was Simon Cowell’s appearance coach). Acting on a CFA was novel within the Magistrates’ Court. The application against the local authority was successful, and the District Judge’s Judgment damning. The matter was subject to a Judicial Review, which was successfully defended in the High Court, with yet another damning assessment of the Local Authority. The costs of the proceedings in the Magistrates’ court exceeded six figures alone. Instructed by Jacqui Mann of Nigel Davies Solicitors.

Watson v National Taxation Team [2011] EWHC 3962 (QB)

Judicial Review on the amount solicitors and counsel should be paid for privately paying successful criminal defences. This case arose from a successful privately paying accountant who had been accused of assault by a sister of a Senior Crown Prosecutor. Abuse of process proceedings were started, a District Judge recused himself (accordingly), and the Defence was successful (led by Yvonne Coen QC). It was the costs of the same that were at issue. Instructed by Tim Gir of Sanders Witherspoon LLP

Melton v Uttlesford (R on the Application of Melton) [2009] EWHC 2845

This is a case that Philip ran from pupillage. It went from the Licensing Committee, Magistrates’ Court, Crown Court onto the High Court in a rolled-up Case Stated and Judicial Review procedure. It involved a Taxi driver who lost his licence to drive in accordance with an argued unlawful and strictly applied policy relating to Stansted Airport. Instructed by Tim Gir of Sanders Witherspoon LLP