Philip represents clients in defamation, privacy and Public law cases.

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A leading civil barrister who is based in both London and Wales. He offers an unprecedented service and set of skills to assist those who need somebody fearless, determined and focussed. Philip operates out of 33 Bedford Row Chambers in both London and Chepstow, Wales.



Philip offers representation including injunctive relief, defamation, personal injury, planning and property.

Philip has been a barrister since 2005. He is a leading civil barrister specialising in various aspects of civil litigation. Philip grew up in North Wales, where his appreciation and deep passion for the environment and conservation emerged. His roots are firmly established in both Wales and London from where he has always practised. In those precious moments of relaxation away from his busy practice, Philip gains a considerable amount of pleasure exploring the unique areas of Wales and Trinidad. When he is fortunate enough to do so, he also travels back to Trinidad to visit the rainforests, where he studied for his first degree in Environmental Biology and Geography. 

The environment and his passion for protecting it from exploitation were the key factors that convinced Philip to study law after a previous career in sport.

Philip’s interest in Environmental Law, for which he was awarded the Wake Dyne and Lawton Prize for the highest mark at the University of Law (back then known as the College of Law). Whereas this remains an important interest, his practice has diversified into many civil litigation areas over the years. He has always been focussed on not becoming a narrow specialist.

This ability to diversify into different law areas and his fearless, competitive nature emanating from his sporting backgrounds make Philip one of the country’s leading civil barristers.

Philip has been fortunate to have spent most of his recent career in the High Court. He is instructed by substantial national and multi-national clients on high-value, complex and sensitive cases. Philip believes that reputation is everything, which takes years to build and demands considerable and unswerving effort to maintain. However, Philip agrees it is easily and quickly lost if attention to detail is not maintained. Philip is always mindful of the standards and service he offers to his clients and ensures that those standards are met on every occasion.


What Philip’s clients say about his service


If you want heavy cross-examination and a witness to be exposed. He is the barrister of choice

Jacqui Kendall | Partner: Plexus Law


An extremeluy busy Barrister, But, if you want somebody to fight for a client; he is the go to Barrister

Tim Gir | Senior Partner: Sanders Witherspoon LLP


My first choice barrister for any injunction...

Ozan Askin | Senior Partner: Silvine Law


The Toughest of Barristers who obtains outstanding results

Philip offers vigurous representation in civil litigation


understands the issues

Personal injury

years of experience

Public law

tenacious and determined

Philip can offer a Bespoke Service with access to well-established specialists and legal practitioners

Philip can also represent clients in cases such as sporting and regulatory matters

In The Court of law

In conjunction with Philip’s unique style, he also has a robust approach and studious work ethic. He displays a professional dedication and diligence to his clients and instructing solicitors.

Protecting the client

Philip’s caring and supportive approach to his clients and solicitors is evident from the repeated number of occasions Philip is instructed. His fearless and tenacious approach provides them with confidence that Philip will always give his best.

Philip Williams has appeared in the national media, both television and press on many occasions.

Philip will represent you in civil litigation cases such as defamation and privacy.